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Yes you’ve caught me at a rare tumblr-checking time! Contact me off anon and we can work something out! xx

— 1 year ago


hey guys, so this tumblr kind of went down hill and it’s partially my fault for being a classic busy college student and whatnot but also tumblr is partially to blame because I literally never got any notification of new messages so I’m just coming to see loads of probably year old messages of people interested in stuff AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ALL I PROMISE! but if you are interested in any of these fine goods I have here please let me know! all this merch is from 2007-2010 which is great cause you won’t have the same stuff that everyone else has these days! most of these prices are way low but if you really have a problem with something, let me know I’m wicked flexible! all the info for buying is in the faq and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!! I’ll be constantly checking my messages since I can’t trust the tumblr gods these days.

also fun fact today is my birthday!

ps: I have like every issue of ap from april 07-jan 11 so if you’re looking for any of those I’m your girl!

have a great day and happy browsing!! xx

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whenwewereamazing asked: Also the Boys Like Girls and We the Kings tees? I really love your taste in tees! Haha xx :)


I do have the wtk shirt, and which blg shirt were you interested in? Thanks again girlfriend!! xx

— 1 year ago

to my few followers and the many people who like my posts: I’m discounting everything this stuff is just taking up space pleasepleaseplease if you like what you see take it off my hands ;)


— 2 years ago

Since I’m in a very The Maine spirit I thought I’d dip into my extensive AP collection and pull these guys out for their newer fans who didn’t get the chance to get these covers when they first came out or for those fans who did but want another copy for their wall or just to keep one full copy of the issues.

Selling them at face value: $5 each/$15 for the set 


*However, I do still have a couple left of the subscribers’ cover (far left) if anyone is interested.

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alright guys it’s a lot later than when I first mentioned it but here it is: A DRUMHEAD SIGNED BY ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE MAINE

I got this when they opened for All Time Low on the “Sellout Tour” in Novemeber 2008. Their TM came out of their van and offered it to the first person who could correctly guess his birthday. I got lucky and was first to guess right and I was rewarded with this. It’s really cool, they wrote out their logo at the time and all signed it. 


If you have any questions on the item don’t hesitate to ask!

It measures 16inches in diameter.

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Super The Maine That Ohh

Would anyone be interested in purchasing that shirt? I bought it at the 2008 Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour and it never really got much wear. It’s printed on American Apparel I believe it’s either a size X-Small or Small. If you’d be interested, how much would you pay for it? Let me know. xx

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All Time Low; American Apparel; Sz Small; $45 or best offer $20 or best offer

Glamour Kills for the 2008 “Sell Out Tour”. This shirt was a super limited edition that was only being sold on that tour until it sold out (no pun intended). Dare I say, a true fan must have!

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Fall Out Boy; Tultex; sz Girl’s Medium; $50 or best offer BEST OFFER- MAKE AN OFFER
From the 2007 Young Wild Things Tour. Honestly such a great piece I have 2 so I’m willing to part with one of them.

Fall Out Boy; Tultex; sz Girl’s Medium; $50 or best offer BEST OFFER- MAKE AN OFFER

From the 2007 Young Wild Things Tour. Honestly such a great piece I have 2 so I’m willing to part with one of them.

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